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Blackfoot Motosports Sponsors Rider Brett McCormick

Brett McCormick



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CYNTHIA (Calgary, AB) Asks: How is your Recovery Coming?
BRETT: My recovery is going awesome, and pretty much finished! I'm going to physio every two days to get everything working properly again and stronger, but for the most part all the pain is gone and I'm waiting to head back and get riding again. I started doing some Motocross today so thats a good sign on everything feeling great! (JULY 11, 2012)

ROZZIE (Calgary, AB) Asks: What have you been doing with your time?
BRETT: Most of my time consists of bicycling everyday, and getting a bunch of work done on my truck and bikes that I normally wouldn't have the time to do. Now that my injury is at the point it's not holding me back from doing much I can get some work done on my toys. Getting back in shape is my main focus, but you can only train so many hours a day so the rest is drinking coffee and wrenching :) (JULY 11, 2012)

JAY (Calgary, AB) Asks: When you were in Europe did you work/train most of the time or did you get to do some sightseeing and if so where?
BRETT: When I was in Europe I was just getting settled in and used to things so didn't do much travel. I visited some of the team members in different parts of Italy but didn't see anything too exciting to write home about. Usually I just got my training in early everyday and spent the rest of the day cooking and reading, it was a really relaxing time I'm pumped to get back over there for that! (JULY 11, 2012)

photos of mccormickRIDER INFO
Brett “THE KID” McCormick
Race Number: 68
Class: FIM Superbike World Championship 2012
Motorcycle: Ducati 1198
Birth Place: Saskatoon, SK
Birthday: August 20, 1991
Height: 189 cm
Weight: 75kg

Racing Background
·        3 of 5 Superbike Pole Positions
·        6 of 7 Superbike Wins
·        3 of 5 Superbike Lap Records
2010 AMA Pro Road Racing American Superbike 9th Place Overall
·        11 top 10 finishes
·        1 - 4th place finish
·        2 - 5th place finishes
2009 Parts Canada Superbike 2nd Place Overall
·        5 Superpole Wins
·        4 Superbike Wins
·        6 Superbike Lap Records
·        29 of 40 Superbike sessions led (73%)

2009 Yoshimura Pro 600 Sport Bike 2nd Place Overall
·        3 Sport Bike Pole Positions
·        4 Sport Bike Wins
·        3 Sport Bike Lap Records
·        23 of 40 Sport Bike sessions led (58%)
2008 Parts Canada Superbike 5th Place Overall
·        2 Superpole Wins
·        1st Superbike Win

2008 Yoshimura Pro 600 Sport Bike 4th Place Overall
Other Interests:  
Motocross, ice racing, golf, mountain biking, road/cross country biking, basketball


Good Luck Brett McCormick!

Live from Nürburgring: McCormick Returns to Work: Sept 7, 2012

Brett McCormick during a Friday practice session at Nurburgring

Inside Motorcycles exclusive by Colin Fraser; Photos by Colin Fraser

Saskatchewan's Brett McCormick is more than ready to resume his rookie season with the Liberty Racing Team Effenbert Ducati squad this weekend at the fabled Nürburgring cirucuit in Germany. Out of action since round three at Assen where he sustained serious injuries to his neck and hand, McCormick is fully fit and set for a solid return to action.

“I last rode my Blackfoot dirt bike on Monday, and I guess I’ve motocrossed in six of the last nine days that I was at home,” explained McCormick from the paddock area for the upcoming eni Superbike World Championship round. “My neck is now as good as it can be, everything is great. I stopped going to physio two weeks ago, and I happy with my strength. Now I just have to get back to road racing!”

McCormick tested for his team at the Silverstone SBK round a month ago, where bad weather mostly kept him off the bike. Now certified fit and approved to return to action, McCormick thinks the Nürburgringshould be a good venue for his set-up.

“The track looks great, it shouldn’t be too hard to learn, and I think it suits me and the bike. There are only a couple of longish straights, and it’s the kind of layout that suits the Ducati. I totally like the flow of the track, and it’s cool to be next door to one of the most famous track in the world.”

The “new” Nürburgring is directly adjacent to the famous 14-mile sister course that shares the same name. From the Superbike paddock team members can watch a variety of hot four-wheelers attacking the 80 year old “green hell” during the infamous public lapping sessions.

McCormick got a treat when he arrived at the course yesterday, as helmet painter Petr Simak of Slimgrafix had delivered two new designs based on McCormick’s popular maple leaf motif. One is primarily white, the other flat black, and both contain detailing reflective of McCormick’s interest, especially ice hockey. Read More...



Update from Brett McCormick (August 19, 2012)

Hey everyone! It's been about a month since I last checked in, and it's been a busy month! Busy in a good way, though. I've been motocrossing every day that I can, and still on my bicycle as much as possible. The motocrossing helped get me back into good riding shape, which came in handy when I had to clear the FIM medical test in Silverstone. I was in England for the week which was a short trip, but awesome to go see the team and get to turn a few laps. Once I got home from England I flew out to Montreal for the Mont Tremblant Canadian Superbike round, and that was a blast! I got to catch up with everyone I haven't seen for basically a year so that was awesome. The series was nice enough to let me turn a few laps on a borrowed Ducati 1098, so I got a handful more laps under my belt to get my head back into pavement mode. Now I'm hanging out at home settled into a good motocross routine, and just waiting to head back to Europe for the last 3 rounds of World Superbike! Ciao!

August 20 update

Watch this great video interview by CBC on Brett returning to the game! (click to open a new browser window to view)
cbc video



Press Release: Liberty Racing Team (Prague, May 25, 2012)

Brett Smiling

The smile doesn't lack on his face, and he wishes to come back on track as soon as possible. Our rider, Brett McCormick, following the bad accident at Assen during Race 2 of the WSBK Championship on Sunday April 22nd, is now in Canada for the rehabilitation and has answered to our questions that you can find below. The competitive spirit and the positive mood shown during his convalescence say a lot about the character of the Canadian and in his words there are all the essence of Brett, his way of being that we appreciated in a special way.

How are you?
Brett: "I am recovering really well so far. I've kept my spirits up through the whole thing and trying to stay positive in every moment. I still spend most of the day with a smile on my face, so I can't complain too much!".

Which kind of rehabilitation are you doing?
Brett: "So far my rehabilitation has been really relaxed. I still have the neck brace on at this time so I can't do any rehab regarding my neck, but the break in my thumb is healed up and I've started to work with it to get it back to 100%. I've been able to move around easily for a few weeks and there isn't much pain in my neck break anymore so I can do everything normal day to day except training. Also, my doctor told me it wouldn't hurt my neck to do stationary bicycling so I've done a bit of that to keep myself active".

How do you spend your days in Canada?
Brett: "Since I've been back in Canada I spend most of my days catching up with friends and family while I heal. I've watched more movies in the past few weeks than I normally would in a few years. Each day my neck feels better so each day I'm able to do a little bit more".

Looking back Assen, what do you remember about your crash? May you describe the dynamic of the incident?
Brett: "I remember pretty much everything until I fell off of the bike in my crash. I remember turning in and seeing a red and white bike come up the inside just before the apex. I didn't hear Carlos (Checa) coming because that's a pretty fast section and our bikes sound the same, so I didn't expect to see anyone pass me there. I thought we might touch if I stayed turned in so I re adjusted my line, but it's such a fast corner I ran out of track. At this point I knew I was in trouble and thought maybe if I made it across the astro-turf I could save it, but I wasn't so lucky".

What was your first thought after the crash?
Brett: "I got knocked out in the crash so when I woke up everything was pretty blurry. I would say the first thing was relief that the injuries I had didn't seem life threatening, and I was able to move and feel all my body".

When the doctors told you that your fractures were quite serious, how did you react?
Brett: "When I found out I had a broken neck I was fairly freaked out at the start, but it didn't take long to accept it and realize I was extremely lucky. As soon as the doctors saw the X-ray of my neck they knew the break was stable, and I wasn't in risk of having any complications or paralysis, so that made everything a lot less stressful for me. All I could do was accept the circumstances and start healing".

What did you feel and think when you have known that the Team Owner Mario Bertuccio has made public his decision not to replace you because, quoting his words that have been publish all over the world "the fourth bike belongs to Brett"?
Brett: "When I read Mario's statement and talked to him it really hit home with me how amazing the people involved with our team are. I've said from day one that it feels more like a big family than a race team, and this is a perfect example of that".

After what is happened to you, what do you think about the current safety level?
Brett: "I think the safety level in our gear is unreal right now. The Alpinestars gear and Shoei helmet I was wearing in my crash did their job amazing, and without the level of safety our gear has these days I don't know if I would be sitting here right now. The tracks World Superbike races on are the best in the world, and their safety is top notch also if obviously everything has room for improvement! My crash might have been avoided without the fake grass along the edge of the track, but I think the series is already addressing that issue and making changes for the future".

This is your first year in Sbk, which is your feeling with the bike and, till the Holland Gp, with the team?
Brett: "Moving into Sbk this year was a big step for me, but it has been awesome so far. The Liberty Ducati's are some of the best prepared bikes on the grid, and that's all because of the team behind them. I'm really impressed with everything so far - the management, the mechanics, the hospitality. Nothing gets overlooked, and that's a pretty cool thing to be involved with and experience. The bike was a lot for me to learn, but I think my crew and I were making big steps everytime we got on the track. It sucks to have a serious injury interrupt all of it, but it makes me hungry to get back out there".

When will you come back on track? And when you will come back, which will be the realistic targets for you?
Brett: "With a broken neck it's tough to judge the healing time because every case is so different. I've been getting checkups every week and I'm healing up really good. I hope to get the brace off in a couple of weeks from now, and after that hopefully be able to race within a month. I could be back by the end of July if everything goes perfectly, but I think August is more realistic. When I come back as long as physically I am back to normal, I'd like to pick up where I left off and keep working our way towards the front. In Assen I was getting closer to the top 10, so hopefully I can pick up from there once I'm back".

After such a big crash, what does push riders to ride again? Where do you find the strength?
Brett: "I think anybody who's raced a motorcycle could understand why we get back on the bike after a bad injury. It's something I've grown up doing it and it's in my blood. I love being on the bike, and there is literally no better feeling in the world than putting together perfect laps. For me the strength comes from wanting to get into that zone again. There's nothing in the world I want more than to do laps again".

Plans for the future (season 2013)
Brett: "Next season I want to be battling at the front of the pack in Sbk".

In this period many fans are really closer to you...may you tell us a thought for them?
Brett: "I can't thank everybody enough for the love and support throughout all of this. It's been surreal how much support I've received from people all around the world, and every message means the world to me so thank you all!"

Which was the most beautiful post, mail or message, that you have received in this period?
Brett: "Every message I've received has been amazing, but the one that sticks out for me is the picture the team sent me with all of them standing around my bike rebuilt in Monza".

Liberty RacingAll the Team Liberty Racing is waiting for the return of "The Kid".



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May 12, 2012 - Brett Visits Blackfoot Motosports! Thanks for taking the time to check in with us and sign autographs for fans! Great to see you getting better Brett!

A photo with AMRA friends and fans

Brett Visits Blackfoot Motosports

April 18, 2012 - Video by Liberty Racing!

Brett McCormick's Official Poster 2012

Brett McCormick Poster
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