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Blackfoot Motosports - Passion for Powersports

Blackfoot Motosports - Passion for Powersports


Blackfoot Motosports is pleased to offer our customers the option of upgrading their motorcycles to nitrogen tire inflation.

What is nitrogen?

Nitrogen is a non-flammable, dry, inert gas.

What are the advantages of nitrogen inflation?

-Increased fuel economy

-Increased tire life

-Improved handling and traction

-Better for the environment

Nitrogen inflated tires have distinct advantages over tires inflated with air.

Because nitrogen is a dry gas, moisture does not accumulate inside of your tires like it can with air inflation, this greatly reduces the risk of wheel and tire damage caused by corrosion.

Because nitrogen molecules are larger than oxygen molecules it is more difficult for nitrogen to escape from tires, which translates to more a consistent tire pressure, and better overall tire performance and safety. 

What does it cost?

Blackfoot offers this service to our customers for $10.00 per tire. It is available for all makes and models of motorcycle.

For more information regarding nitrogen tire inflation please visit

No appointment necessary, any inquiries please contact us at 403-214-5396.




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